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About Me.

My name is Emily Beason. I am an elementary music specialist as well as a private music tutor. My first year teaching I taught 3rd grade multiple subjects at a private Christian school in 2011. I then moved on to teach K-5 music in public school. I have been teaching music in the public sector since 2012. I enjoy creating fun, themed content for my students and love the opportunity to reach other teachers online who can also benefit from the activities I've created! I hope you and your students enjoy the resources I have to offer!



B.A. Vocal Music Performance
The College of Idaho

My music degree was a very well-rounded education. I took extensive courses in music theory, aural skills, music history, and diction. My focus was vocal performance, so I was always apart of chorale, the elite chamber choir, and put on yearly recitals to showcase my performance skills for audiences. When I applied to The College of Idaho I also applied for a vocal music scholarship and was granted the highest scholarship they offered for voice that extended all four years of my education. I minored in elementary education.


M.A. Teaching

(K-8 Multiple Subjects)
University of California, Irvine

Two week after I graduated with my Bachelor's degree I started the integrated teacher certification and master's in teaching program in the education school at UC Irvine. In the summer of 2010 I took master's courses in multiple subject education. When the school year started I began my student teaching. I had a placement for the first semester in a 3rd grade classroom and a placement in a Kindergarten/1st Grade combo class in the second semester. This work involved copious amounts of lesson planning, reflections, and recording myself teaching to culminate into my final project to earn my teaching certificate. When the school year ended I took seven more weeks of master's courses and received my teaching certificate and master of arts in teaching degree at the end of July 2011.

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Allison M.

"My students loved this music choice board tic-tac-toe game! I used it as a refresher/ supplementary activity and they were engaged from beginning to end!"

Lauren's Music

"Perfect activity for my students' Music Journals and for John Williams Composer of the Month in my classroom."

Kelly B.

"This resource helped me plan for and adjust my lessons and instructional techniques for distance learning and share educational materials with my students for distance learning."
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