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This is an editable word file for a Cooperating Teacher to personalize and then give to their student teacher. My student teachers have found this binder invaluable! Inside the document is places to put your district and schools' information plus a lot of pre-filled in material.


  • General Information

Contact Information

Staff Extensions

Student Teacher Roles and Responsibilities throughout your   

week placement


  • Planbook

Daily Music Schedule

Seating Chart Examples

Current/upcoming Grade Level Units

  • Advice for your first teaching job

Glossary of Education Terms and Acronyms

Resource and Materials Lists

Things They Don’t Tell You in College

Classroom Management

  • Curriculum

Building Blocks & Synthesis i.e. Scope and Sequence for       

Elementary Music

  • Getting a Job

Common Interview Questions

Sample Resumés

  • Notes 

Student Teaching Editable Binder for Elementary Music

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