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What is Mystery Musician?

Mystery Musician is classroom management tool is very flexible and can be used with the rules already established in your music classroom. It is a version of the “Secret Student” management approach used in general classrooms.


At the beginning of class, the teacher selects a student and keeps that student a secret from the class. If the student is not making good choices or being a model student, the teacher can say things like:


- “Wow, my Mystery Musician is handling the instrument exactly as I asked!”

- “My Mystery Musician has their listening ears on right now, nice work!”

- “Uh oh, my Mystery Musician isn't makings the best choices right now."

Statements like this still keep the chosen student a mystery while giving all students an opportunity to reflect on their own behavior and correct it if necessary.


At the end of class, if the mystery musician met expectations, they will be revealed by the teacher and given either a reward of choice by the teacher or one of the classroom coupons provided in this bundle. If they didn't meet expectations, no name is revealed and there is no Mystery Musician that Day.


What is included in this Bundle:


Title Page:

  • Kids Playing Instruments

Rules Page (How do I become Mystery Musician?)


Who Is The Mystery Musician? Pages:

  • With "answer below!" text
  • Without "answer below!" text


Who Is The Mystery Musician? Pocket Page: This page is meant to be attached to the front of the "Who Is The Mystery Musician?" page to create a pocket to hold the name of the mystery musician


Awards Pages (each comes in full page certificate and four-per page mini size):

  • Student name and date


Colored Strips Can be used for:

  • Bookmarks
  • Bracelets
  • Pencil Tags
  • Printed and laminated on Cardstock so you can write the Mystery Musician's name for each class on the back each day with an expo Vis-a-Vis marker and stick the strip in the Mystery Musician Pocket.


Mystery Musician Reward Coupons (in color and black and white):

  • "VIP SEAT" - Redeem to sit in the class designated VIP/Cozy seat.
  • "SIT BY A FRIEND" - Redeem to sit by a friend for one class period.
  • "TALENT SHOW" - Redeem to show off one of your talents for the class.
  • "BRAIN BREAK" - Redeem to choose your favorite brain break activity for
    the class to do.
  • "YOU'RE THE DJ" - Redeem to choose a (school appropriate) song for the
    class to listen to.
  • "STINKY FEET" - Redeem to take off your shoes for one whole music class.


Mystery Musician Reward Coupons Color Posters to Hang

Mystery Musician {Classroom Management Tool for Music}

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