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This is a super fun folder game where students race to the finish by categorizing instruments on the various cards with their correct families in the orchestra! Use in your daily lessons, as part of center activities, or as a great sub plan!


In the game, each student will draw a card. If the card has an orchestra instrument pictured on it they are to categorize it by that instrument's family in the orchestra. If they're correct they move their game piece to the closest spot with that instrument family's name (String Family, Woodwind Family, Brass Family, Percussion Famiy). There are also some "special" cards such as: "BROKEN STRING. Skip Your Turn!" "SKIP AN INTERVAL – choose another player to have their next turn skipped."


Your students will LOVE playing this game in centers or as a stand-alone activity! You will verbally hear them calling out the names of the instruments and families as they move forward and check each other.


Take a regular manila folder and paste the gameboard to one of the sides inside the folder and the directions on the opposite side of the inside of the folder. Paste the cover to the outside of the folder. Once assembled, laminate for years of use! I recommend printing the cards on cardstock and laminating those as well so that they will last for years and years to come. I use foam shapes or fun erasers as game pieces.


In this resource:

  • Game board in Color.
  • Double-Sided Cards to print out in color.
  • Directions - print out and put in the folder opposite the gameboard for students to reference during the game!
  • A Colorful Cover for the front of the folder.

Orchestra Mania - An Orchestra Family Classification Folder Game

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