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This evaluation is an excellent way for students to respond and connect with music.

I have created three questions per film for students to answer while analyzing live performances. Students will answer questions evaluating the following pieces of music: the Jurassic Park Theme Song, Star Wars: The Imperial March and Main Theme, Harry Potter: Hedwig's Theme, and Indiana Jones: Raiders March. Links to the live performances I showed my students for each piece are on the last page of the file.

These are the standards it can be used if grading for an assessment: Demonstrate and explain how the expressive qualities (such as dynamics, tempo, and timbre) are used in performers’ and personal interpretations to reflect expressive intent. (MU: Re8.1.4a)

Evaluate musical works and performances, applying established criteria, and explain appropriateness to the context. (MU: Re9.1.4a)

Demonstrate how interests, knowledge, and skills relate to personal choices and intent when creating, performing, and responding to music. (MU: Cn10.1.4a)

Evaluation of John William's Film Scores

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