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Baroque jeopardy is a great review game of this historic musical time period for grades five and up. This is a fun way to formatively assess students’ understanding of the Baroque era of music and its composers following the teaching of the unit. The categories include:
Baroque Era Facts-misc. trivia about the Baroque era
Facts about Bach-biographical trivia about the famous composer
Who Wrote it?-sound clips of famous works are played and students name the composer who wrote it (this is by multiple choice).
Baroque Instruments-a picture of a Baroque instrument is displayed and students are to name it
Name the Composer- a picture of a famous Baroque composer is displayed and students are to name him (this is by multiple choice).

I like to have my students play this in small groups with a white board. They discuss the questions as a team and then write down their final answer on their white board. When all groups are ready I have them hold up their boards so I can see what answer they chose. You could also vary it so that all students have their own white boards and play individually for formative assessment.

I have included the sound clips in case the links get lost in the download and you need to re-load them into the PowerPoint slides.

Baroque Music Jeopardy

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